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Commerce extends treasurer search again

The search to replace outgoing Commerce Township Treasurer Susan Gross was extended for the third time on Tuesday, December 16, following a second round of interviews by the township board. ...more>

Water table dampens DDA deal with builder

A $2.65 million purchase agreement between the Commerce Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and a Novi-based homebuilder was stalled on Tuesday, December 16, after high ground water tables were discovered beneath the surface of a proposed residential development site....more>

Man tries to steal medical marijuana

A Sterling Heights man was arrested early Monday, December 15, after authorities say he broke into a medical marijuana growing operation in Commerce Township....more>

Truck strikes Commerce man, dog

A 61-year-old Commerce Township man and his dog were injured Friday, December 12, when they were struck by a pickup truck while crossing the street at the intersection of Benstein Road and Glen Iris Drive, authorities said....more>

Hackers have television sent to victim

A Commerce Township woman told authorities someone had hacked into her Kohl's account and used it to have a television delivered to her home....more>

Thieves slash vehicle seats

A Walled Lake man who had his GPS unit stolen from his vehicle on Saturday, December 6, told police that thieves also slashed his front seats when they entered his vehicle in the 1500 block of Walnut Run....more>

Woman falls victim to cellphone ID theft

A Commerce Township woman who discovered her identity had been used without her permission learned of the crime after receiving a cell phone bill for more than $1,700....more>

Fire extinguisher discharged during burglary

A person who broke into a garage on Saturday, December 6, in the 1700 block of Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake didn't leave the scene with any items, but used a fire extinguisher to make a mess, police said....more>

The fourth branch of government

Michigan high school students must earn at least one half-credit in civics education as a requirement for graduation, ensuring all those earning diplomas in the state are able to name the three branches of government or describe how a bill becomes a law. While our secondary schools provide a basic understanding of the legislative process, in theory, the majority of our electorate is often clueless to the realities of the political process....more>

Storm water overflow

Water and other liquid refuse flowing through the miles of sewers in Oakland County flow downhill. So, when more than five inches of rain fell during a three-hour period in August across southeast Michigan, more than two billion gallons of partially treated sewage also traveled downhill, journeying from southeast Oakland County into the Red Run Drain in Macomb County. It was much more than the system could handle, with all local systems overflowing, flooding sewer systems designed to capture the overflows, as well as roads, highways, and thousands of homes and basements....more>

The Chaldean migration

They are often confused, in the metro Detroit area, as being part of the over 400,000 Arab or Palestinian American community members located here. Yet Chaldeans, part of a tight-knit community who are neither Arab, nor Muslim, actually have little in common with those who come from a similar part of the world as themselves....more>
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