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Welcome to, the website for Westend, the upscale monthly newsmagazine mailed each month to over 24,000 homes in the Oakland County area of Commerce, Walled Lake, Wolverine Lake and the Union Lake area.

In addition to weekly and more frequent updates of news for this special area of Oakland, we think you will find a variety of other offerings on this site.

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David Hohendorf

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Union Lake roadwork to start in May

A little more than a quarter mile of Cooley Lake Road in Union Lake will be resurfaced this summer, with roadwork expected to begin in early May....more>

Public input sought on park plan

The Commerce Township Parks and Recreation Committee will host a public workshop on Tuesday, April 29, to discuss the future of 518 acres of parkland along Wise Road, and to develop a master plan for the former state-owned land....more>

Golf outing to benefit fireworks display

The seventh annual John Coxeter Classic Golf Outing and Dinner Party will be held on Saturday, May 31, to benefit the Wolverine Lake Village Fireworks....more>

Drunk driver had outstanding warrants

A Walled Lake man arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of drunk driving was wanted on three additional unrelated, outstanding warrants, including two additional drunk driving charges. ...more>

Stolen purse found at church

A purse stolen from the 1700 block of Bolton in Walled Lake was found on Thursday, April 10, in the parking lot of the Walled Lake Missionary Baptist Church at 1795 N. Pontiac Trail, police said....more>

Windows shot out of truck

A pair of windows were shot out of truck sometime on Saturday, April 12, while the truck was parked in the 1600 block of Beverly Boulevard in Walled Lake, police said....more>

Window broken out of car

The window of a 2014 Chevrolet station wagon was broken sometime overnight on Thursday, April 10, while parked in the 1800 block of Decker Road in Walled Lake, police said....more>

Window broken out of car

The window of a 2014 Chevrolet station wagon was broken sometime overnight on Thursday, April 10, while parked in the 1800 block of Decker Road in Walled Lake, police said....more>

Crime certainly does pay

Criminals and cops both know there is money to be made in the illegal drug trade, but for far different reasons. For those who make their living selling illicit drugs, the allure of easy money and ill-gotten riches is often an empty promise compared to the reality they discover, living in the ramshackle homes and ragged clothing found inside many drug dens. Yet others prosper on the backs of others, and for a time can enjoy fast cars, lavish clothes and dazzling jewelry, and magnificent homes and furnishings. Yet, it's often only a matter of time before law enforcement finds them and takes hold of all of their possessions because they were purchased with money made from drug profits. And the money law enforcement receives from the proceeds of their efforts is drug forfeiture money, and it can mean the difference between just managing for a local police department, to being able to purchase badly needed equipment for which many local governments can no longer budget. ...more>

Toxic waste threat

Call it a recipe for environmental disaster: take thousands of gallons of paint sludge, pesticide and random chemical wastes, and mix it all together for three years in a four-acre dirt pit in the middle of pristine, undeveloped natural woodlands in western Oakland County. Top it off with a heaping helping of apathy and let it simmer for a dozen years....more>

Mass transit update

The car has always been king in metro Detroit. It's our heritage and our legacy. We're Motown, the Motor City. From the first Model A rolling off Henry Ford's assembly line, it has led to a culture and currency pervading all others. In the 20th century, the automobile industry led to both Detroit's ascendency as one of America's great cities, and to its decline. The designs of early Lincolns, Packards, Chevy BelAirs, Ford Mustangs, Cadillacs and Corvettes became the narrative of their times, epitomizing our yearning for wide open spaces, seeking our fortune out west, "getting our kicks on Route 66," and locally, cruising up and down Woodward. ...more>
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